onsdag 28 oktober 2009


Treatment - Avancerad hudvård med ECOCERT- certifierade ingredienser, bra för kroppen, bra för miljön! Ett komplement till din befintliga hudvårdsserie på salongen.En helt ny typ av hudvårdsserie, med ECOCERT-certifierade ingredienser! Ecocert är ett av världens ledande kontrollorgan för användandet av ekologiska ingredienser i kosmetika. Serien består av åtta produkter som ger dig möjligheten att erbjuda dina kunder ett nytt alternativ: att hålla sin hud ungdomlig och hälsosam med ren, ekologisk och naturlig hudvård som ger fantasiska resultat.


Scandinavinan Mood -Sköna "må bra" produkter som ger dig merförsäljning på salongen!Mood, en serie produkter som vårdar huden på din kropp och ditt ansikte, samtidigt som de eteriska oljorna masserar din själ och ger dig njutning! Det är livsviktigt att unna sig lite lyx vardagen.


TromborgDet perfekta makeup märket för din salong!Med de renaste ingredienserna och med färger och design inspirerade av det skandinaviska ljuset, erbjuder Tromborg Proffesional Makeup ett lättöverskådligt sortiment. Exklusiva, naturliga och användarvänliga produkter med multifunktion

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

Finest Pigments

Finest Pigments - ett flexibelt färgsystem från Davines.Direkta färger med upp till 98% naturligt utvunna ingredienser. Det har vi på Vhic Hairlounge kom och testa den

Brian & Kirsten


Tim Hartley i Venedig

Han är Bäst

tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Davines love.your.hair

Vidal Sassoon for Global Sassooners 環球沙宣

Vidal Sassoon for Global Sassooners 環球沙宣

2009 Sept Cut Contest Japan and Sassoon Schoolship by Jean-baptiste 日本沙宣剪髮盃及關係校內訓http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/album.php?aid=267151&id=843470213&ref=nfUWE Breuer(Ex Sassoon's Advanced Academy Senior creative director and Principle) in TaiwanClassics ABC and Creatives salon course 英國沙宣學院前校長台灣摩登經典ABC剪裁課程http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=280222&id=843470213&saved2009 mid season collection" Le Baiser" is nowon 沙宣中季 “Le Baiser" 作品集已上傳http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=843470213#/album.php?aid=277139&id=843470213Welcome some legendary Ex-Sassoons joined up in this page. Early Sassoons ( Some amazing photos in early Sassoon) 沙宣創始期回顧http://www.pbase.com/john_santilli/santilli_at_sassoons&page=1LE BAISER SASSOON ACADEMY COLLECTION MID SEASON 2009吻–新的作品集,沙宣結合了優雅的Dior高級時裝與性感女神Bettie Page的風格為此季的沙宣代碼:混合上細膩的純幾何剪線與自然未控制的捲髮波浪輕輕的蕩漾在頭上。錯綜複雜的內部層次區域剪裁與大膽強烈的弧線瀏海,而亮麗並吸引人的顏色,在那裡以三角形和鑽石形的區塊互相的重複聯鎖的搭配上色;並注入時裝的用色色彩:粉藍色和海螺、軟桃和牡蠣、白色梔子和海灰色及玫桃色和柿子。國際創意總監馬克海斯說:“這個一季華麗優美的訂製時裝已厭倦複雜老練的模式,因此注入了新血轉變成為青春活力的摩登感。” Paris 1947At 30 Avenue Montaigne, Christian Dior unveiled his New Look to a shocked but enraptured press, and virtually overnight, fashion changed. His vision for women was a mix of retrospect and romance – haughty, high-class femininity, tight tailoring, wasp waists, and huge, voluminous skirts using an indulgent, abundant amount of fabric which mocked wartime sobriety; skirts so fabulously full they literally brushed against the audience’s cheeks. Dior perfume was sprayed liberally about the room adding to the heady hothouse atmosphere. And in the front row – fashion illustrator Rene Gruau, there to capture the resonance of Dior’s glamour and grace.New York 1947Strolling along a Coney Island beach, Bettie Page’s chance encounter with a pin-up photographer led to her becoming the world’s most iconic centerfold. Posing provocatively across the scurrilous pages of Peekaboo, Wink and Beauty Parade, her trademark black fringe, red lips and killer heels, mapped out a new sexual geography for young Americans. This underground erotic world cast Bettie centre stage as the most luscious of forbidden fruit and introduced a stunned audience to a powerfully decadent image of post-war femininity – Miss America meets the Marquis de Sade. London 2009Le Baiser* – The new collection from Sassoon combines the elegance of Dior haute couture with the fetish fantasy of Bettie Page as the Sassoon house code of pure geometry and (painstaking – remove this word) attention to detail is mixed with natural yet controlled curls and waves that undulate softly around the head. Intricate internal layered panels are offset with bold curvaceous fringes, colours are in pique, where interlocking repeated patterns of triangles and diamonds are infused with the couture shades of powder blue and periwinkle; soft peach and oyster; white gardenia and sea grey; fuschia and persimmon. International Creative Director Mark Hayes says, ‘This season, groomed and polished couture is transfused with energy, jaded sophistication overturned by a modern youthful verve.’* Baiser: French noun {beze} which means kissL A S E RSASSOON ACADEMY COLLECTION AUTUMN WINTER 2009A collection of hyper-real graphic glamour inspired by the airbrushed cyber-vixens of Philip Castle and Michael English, England's post-pop pioneers, and the erotic flamboyance of fashion designer Antony Price. Cuts re-visit the Firefly and Box Bob classic Sassoon shapes that dominated hair design in the mid 1970s. Heavy panels of hair in triangular shaped sections are combined with the precision technique of modern undercutting to create a sense of exaggerated depth and surface shine. Colours are super-painted in laser lines to accentuate the detail of the cuts using a stippled brushwork technique that diffuses pixels of luminescent tone from ulta-violet to flame and smoky blue to searing cerise. Super paint creates a super-shine that is almost holographic in its effect. International Creative Director Mark Hayes says, 'This season's luminescent hair evokes an intense graphic glamour and impossible artifice. Intricate details meet intense colour to create a stylishly ambient hair landscape.'沙宣09秋冬作品集"炫染雷射"這回超真實魅力圖形的作品集,靈感來自於菲利普(Philip Castle)和麥克(Michael English)噴畫下的網路虛擬女戰士、英格蘭的流行先鋒和煽情華麗的時裝設計師安東尼(Antony Price)。剪髮則是重新結合上70年代中期設計的經典Firefly和Box Bob。厚重的三角形結合現代的底層剪技術,搭配上誇張的明度及光澤飽和的色彩。顏色則是運用超螢光的線條加重了剪裁上的細節。使用雕刻的畫工技術將色彩的區塊擴散,像是散發有如聲波般的紫色光並帶著藍色火焰般的煙燻。超級螢光的效果和它的超級光澤幾乎是在相同的相對位置的效果。國際創意總監馬克海斯(Mark Hayes)說,”這一季發光髮型激發出前衛的繪圖魅力和不可能的技巧搭配。複雜的細節遇上前衛的顏色,創造出一個時尚的髮型景觀環境。”