onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Pamela Anderson and Be Gorgeous Hair Extensions

At a party hosted by Be Gorgeous Professional and Be Gorgeous Hair extensions in melboure, Celebrity Pamela Anderson was the guest among other well known celebrities. Pamela Anderson who became famous for the role in Baywatch was having a good time at a hip night club in melbourne. Be Gorgeous and Pamela Anderson what a perfect match, long lucious hair with lots of volume and shine. when asked she mentioned that she had been looking for a product like this for a while which was natural, and would last longer than a year and still look natural . We have to say Pamela is a down to earth, gorgeous, very friendly and a very family orientated person.
She was Excited to have her hair done by Celebrity Hair dresser Maya gogna and Lana from the be gorgeous group. The actor and model, 42, was in Melbourne, with her two boys, Brandon, 14, and Dylan, 12, to perform on Dancing with the Stars.Pamela Anderson was at the club with her US Dancing with the Stars dance partner Damian Whitewood, originally from Perth. Both the celebrities enjoyed the unique range which be gorgeous had to offer.

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